Urban Environment and Energy Management

As per the highlights of the World Urbanisation Prospects 2014, more people live in urban areas as compared to rural areas. In the year 2014, 54% of the global population resided in urban areas and it has been projected that by 2050, an estimated 66% of the world’s population would reside in urban areas.

Although cities occupy less than 2% of the earth’s surface, they consume roughly 78% of the world’s primary energy and produce more than 60% of all carbon dioxide and significant amounts of other greenhouse gas emissions, mainly through energy generation, vehicles, industry, and biomass use.

While eliminating these concerns is barely possible, they can be reduced with the help of information gathered on energy and environment. Energy and Environment data is the key to saving energy at various levels, starting from the energy use at the building to the city level.

To address these problems I²L has developed the “Integrated station for Energy and Environment” (ISEE), a tool to assist individuals and government stakeholders to plan, make informed decisions, derive policies and take effective actions.

Who We Are

Innovant and Inspired Living Solutions Private Limited (I²L) is established to supplement the economic growth with sustainable solutions in the form of consultancy, implementation and monitoring of projects in the sectors of Building Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Integration, Rural Development, IoT based Product Development and Block-chain based software development.


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