ISEE, ‘Integrated Station for Energy and Environment’, is a remote monitoring tool that captures the micro, meso and macro level energy and environment data. Data collated is processed to provide relevant information that makes energy and environment performance visible at the building, community and city level. This enables individuals and government stakeholders to plan, make decisions, derive policies and take effective actions.

The tool helps in monitoring the energy and environment performance indicators against the baseline of a target place. Besides, the platform is empowered with cutting edge technologies that helps our customers to visualise and interpret the energy and environment data.

How can ISEE be helpful to your business?

Building Optimization

Monitor your building’s energy use in real time using easy to understand graphs and charts that always display key performance indicators. Detect possible anomalies and plan out different strategies and see how effective they are.


Visualize your buildings, precinct or cities in three dimensions, plot their energy use and find out the highest energy consuming buildings and areas at various times of the day. Use this data to develop retrofit strategies for improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Also, simulate urban heat island effects to plan for a sustainable city.

Data Driven Policy Development

Set data driven carbon and energy reduction targets. Use the spatial-temporal data to identify key opportunities and problem areas and frame evidence-based energy and environment policies and regulations that are sustainable and improve the quality of lives of residents.

Who We Are

Innovant and Inspired Living Solutions Private Limited (I²L) is established to supplement the economic growth with sustainable solutions in the form of consultancy, implementation and monitoring of projects in the sectors of Building Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Integration, Rural Development, IoT based Product Development and Block-chain based software development.



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