Traditional air conditioners are expensive, require costly maintenance, energy inefficient and use refrigerants that are responsible for global warming and ozone depletion. When using an average refrigerant, you risk high global warming potential, ozone depletion or high flammability.
And the low-cost refrigerant based air conditioners are also noisy which limits their application to areas where there are no noise restrictions and the low noise devices are priced steeply.

I-Coolr is an innovative and affordable non-refrigerant based air conditioning system that can accomplish thermal comfort needs of occupants in the buildings at very low energy consumption. Equipped with measurement-based climate-oriented control system called COMFORT-IDS, it can provide six thermal comfort levels based on climate and provide energy efficient cooling.
Unlike traditional non-refrigerant based desert coolers, I-Coolr provides you with the ability to control your indoor environment and removes harmful pollutants.
I-Coolr is also designed for ease of maintenance and operation, this translates to lower maintenance costs.
You can also integrate I-Coolr with solar PVs to function at times of peak periods and power outages to reduce your electricity costs and provide comfort when most required.


Refrigerant free


Easy maintenance

Low operating cost

Easy maintenance

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